Serving Columbus, Ohio and
the surrounding area for more than 30 years.



  THE PAST…          
In 1981, Ruth Bope Dangel, Carolyn Battles and Beverly Nicholson met at Ruth’s home to discuss the possibility of forming a group of oncology nurses.
In February of 1982, an organizational meeting was held at the Columbus Cancer Clinic on Thomas Lane and the petition for a charter was made.
In March of 1982, CCONS held its first program.
1983 Published the first newsletter: ONCO (Oncology Nurses of Central Ohio)
1984 Submitted application to become an official ONS Chapter
1985 Established scholarship fund and nursing outreach program to provide education to rural hospitals in Ohio
1990 Held first annual all-day spring conference, “Nursing in the Nineties, From Surviving to Thriving”
1993 Received Newsletter Award (Best Design)
1993 Received Cetus Chapter Excellence Award
1993 First Outreach Ohio Mentorship Day
1995 Received ONS Public Education Grant
2000 Received ONS grant for: Improving End of Life Care at the Community Level
2001-2003 Received ONS Lung Cancer Education Grant
2004 Chapter Excellence Award
2005 Received the Chapter Newsletter Award for medium chapter
2006-Initiation of the Annual Breast Health Fashion Show
2008 Certificate of Recognition to CCONS “Keeping the Chapter Leadership Sailing Smoothly Towards the ONS Mothership” (Outreach Ohio Funding)
2009 Outstanding Chapter Recruitment and Retention Award to CCONS Membership Committee
2011 Received ONS Chapter Excellence Award
2011 Received the (LifeCare Alliance) Columbus Cancer Clinic Home Care Services Spirit  Award
2012 Pearl Moore Making a Difference Team Achievement Award presented to Community Outreach Committee/ ONS (37th Annual Congress)
2012 ONS Newsletter Award for Large Chapter
2013 Received ONS/Lilly grant for Outreach Ohio conference 
2014 Voting Award for an Extra-large Chapter
The Columbus Chapter is celebrating 30 years of a history rich in leadership, mentorship and education.  We have blossomed from the vision of 12 extraordinary women into a chapter, of amazing oncology nurses who advocate for our patients, our colleagues and our chapter.  With patients at the very core of our being, we continue to grow and develop to be the best we can be.
                      THE FUTURE… ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES!                      



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