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Below you will find a description of each bill currently being followed by the Legislative Committee, as well as, the most up-to-date information regarding where the bill is in the legislative process. At the bottom of the page there are links to the past few legislative reports which include new sections: "What's Up In Washington?" and "Only in Ohio." These sections are meant to provide members with more detailed information about different Federal and State topics each month that are pertinent to Oncology patients or the nursing profession. Check them out!

Descriptions & Details of Legislation


HB 456: Prohibit Requiring Nurses to Work Overtime

  • Developed by the Ohio Nurses Association. Hospitals would be prohibited from requiring a nurse to stay beyond schedule hours. Furthermore, if a nurse refuses a request to stay over scheduled hours, the hospital would be prohibited from reprimanding the nurse or turning the nurse in to the Ohio Board of Nursing for patient abandonment. Introduced 12/28/17. Assigned to House Health Committee. (Stephanie Daniel)


S 204: Right to Try Act of 2017

  • This bill requires the federal government to allow unrestricted manufacturing, distribution, prescribing, and dispensing of experimental drugs, biological products, and medical devices that are: (1) intended to treat a patient who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and (2) authorized by state law. The federal government must allow unrestricted possession and use of such treatments by patients certified by a physician as having exhausted all other treatment options. Introduced 1/24/17 and passed the Senate on 8/3/17. Defeated in House vote mid-March. (Jen Guy)

S 2446/HR 5052: Safe Staffing for Nurse and Patient Safety Act of 2018

  • This bill would amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to provide for patient protection by establishing safe nurse staffing levels at certain Medicare providers. The bill requires hospitals to establish a committee, composed of at least 55% direct care nurses, to create nurse staffing plans that are specific to each unit. Introduced 2/15/18 in both House and Senate. S 2446 assigned to Senate Finance Committee. HR 5052 assigned to House Energy and Commerce Committee (subcommittee on Health) and the House Ways and Means Committee. (TBD)


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